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Email Automation, SMS Automation, and Chatbox Automation can help your business with getting leads, personalize marketing toward specific customers, and build brand awareness. Allowing your employees to focus on other tasks.  Saving your business time and money.  75% of retailers are more likely to buy from a name it recognizes.  Your customers should know every sale your business has to offer.  They should never miss an appointment or a routine check up.  If your business isn’t doing things yet, today is the day it should start!!!




Use Automation to send customers reminders, sell products/services, or educate them via blog/vlog. Is it your customers birthday?  Send them a birthday email or text message with an exclusive offer continuing to build on the wonderful relationship your business has already built with them.  In need of an automation strategy? The Davison Consulting Group will help you come up with the best automation strategy for your business. 

Personalize Content

Tell your customers about the exclusive sales offer that only lasts for a short period of time. Personalize that offer based upon previous purchases.

Increase Sales​

Segment your customers into different lists offering them different products/services based upon what they’ve purchased.

Save Time & Money

Relieve your staff of customer follow up so they can focus on other tasks. Using automation helps the utilize their time more efficiently saving your business money. 

Add Value

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The Davison Consulting Group offers Email automation, SMS automation and chat box services.  We help you figure out how automation can best fit your business and come up with achievable goals. 


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